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Speed-To-Market and Flexibility Will Drive e-book Success

Innodata is the industry’s leading provider of e-book services to major publishers and leading device makers.

A recognized innovator in cost-effective, XML-enabled publishing strategies, we can help you develop operational strategies that best realize your organization’s market objectives.

The size and scope of our ongoing investment in production and publishing processes (including a dedicated e-book services unit, supported by state-of-the-art tools and technology) provides our clients access to unrivaled scale, expertise and experience.

And no company in our competitive set has more experience with EPUB, the key to device-independent interoperability. In fact, Apple has selected Innodata as just one of two authorized providers for its mobile platforms, including the iPhone and iPad.

Innodata’s Methodology

We take complex knowledge work, dis-aggregate it into manageable segments and then send each segment to the location where it can be performed most effectively, efficiently and at the lowest cost. The globalized nature of our production infrastructure and workforce enables us to use a multi-shore approach, with different parts of a project performed simultaneously in different locations, with maximum coordination.

Experienced staff, proven tools and processes also help minimize the need for extensive instruction at the outset of projects, helping ensure quicker time-to-market. The global nature of our team means that Innodata is working around-the-clock and can complete our work before our clients start their workdays.

With a clear focus on our clients’ emerging priorities, we continually align our internal processes, tool sets and talent —such as creating a dedicated e-book Services unit — to their needs.

Experienced Third-Party Provider

With our sophisticated content production infrastructure and extensive experience converting large content sets, Innodata quickly and cost-effectively helped Sony, a pioneer and one of today’s leaders in the e-book industry. We digitized massive quantities of books and converted them to EPUB, the e-book standard file format, to populate Sony’s e-book store with content. Sony’s risk of conversion errors was minimized and the project’s completion time was accelerated.


Innodata is the leading provider of e-book services to the world’s most significant media, publishing and information services companies. We have been in this market since its inception, and we’ve helped many of the industry’s leading e-book players become e-book players. They like the results: lower costs, increased operational and business flexibility and a healthier bottom line. You will too.

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