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Innodata is the leading provider of eBook services to the world’s most significant media, publishing and information services companies. We have been in this market since its inception, and we’ve helped many of the industry’s leading eBook players become eBook players.

We help market-leading publishing companies convert their content from various data sources in any format (such as MS Word, PDF, InDesign, Image, Hard copy) to ePub 3.0, Amazon KF8 and other formats with interactive and multi-touch eBook features, ready to be deployed on Apple iBooks, Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Nook and other devices.

Innodata has produced a large quantity of books published in fixed layout format (image-based or with text layer) with text popup, embedded font, video, audio, read aloud, and MathML features, along with interactive, animated objects.

Innodata has also produced numerous titles published in reflowable format (ePub 2.0, ePub 3.0, KF8, ePib, MOBI).

The following key services are offered by our eBook services division:

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